Culture and Respect Mantra
Culture & Ethos
  • Our vision is to develop new, existing, student and returning players through Seriously Social Rugby. 
  • Our mission is to ensure we are developing the rugby community in the western district and providing player pathways for those currently undertaking or finishing higher education, encouraging inclusion and participation in rugby at all levels of the game. We aspire, though our Freshman to Wizards set up, to provide a sustainable platform for people who wish to continue developing in the game in a social backdrop, ensuring continued enjoyment and camaraderie. We will become the benchmark of mental health in sport through partnership with Talking Mental and aspire to become a beacon of inclusivity partnering with Pride in Touch.  
Respect Our Officials
  • No matter who the Ref’s are, be polite, respect them and get on with it. Without them we don’t have a game. It’s a thankless but vital role and in our leagues plenty of mistakes and poor calls will happen. None of us are pro. Players, get over it. Getting angry at them has never helped any team, nor led to any decisions being changed.
  • If you are abusing the ref, from on the pitch or sideline, you are not helping, but becoming part of the problem. HK is a small place and reputations linger – fines and bans will follow.
Respect Our Opposition
  • Let’s be humble in victory and generous in defeat. Rugby is an aggressive contact sport, but let’s avoid getting personal and focus on playing hard but fair. Keep your tempers, comments, actions in check.
  • Enjoy the camaraderie before, during and after every match.
Respect The Environment
  • We are privileged to have Fortress Sandy Bay as our home, lets be proactive and engaged to keep it clean. Pick up our own trash after games and trainings, your helper isn’t here to clean up after you!
  • This also applies for other pitches, buses, hotel rooms, restaurants, bars etc.
  • Challenge: We’re a big club – If we drink 200 cans of beer, could we lead the way in separating and recycling our aluminum cans?
Respect Our Coaches and Executives
  • They give up a huge amount of time to contribute to the club and ensuring that things run, making decisions always with the best interests of the club at heart. There will be times when you don’t agree or understand there decisions, and they commit to always being fair, transparent and open in decision making.
  • They will treat all club members fairly and equally, always try and role model best behaviours and practice and keep in line with the spirit of the club at all times.
Respect Your Teammates
  • Bust a gut to make trainings, meet-up times, deadlines, availability memos etc. Be prepared and organized. Pay and collect things when you are meant to be it: kit, tickets, tours. Your time is no more special than anybody else’s.

  • There are multiple teams on the Club. Everyone deserves respect – first teamers, old boys, students and the ladies.

Always Respect Yourself

If you need support regarding Athletic Harassment Safeguarding, please refer to this policy - link