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Harry Barter – Player Testimonial

We will begin a series of posts featuring some of our past and current player testimonial, each telling a little story sharing their experience with the club, and why they choose and recommend University Rugby Football Club in Hong Kong. First, we begin our series with Harry Barter.

” I owe my unforgettable exchange year in Hong Kong to URFC. I was welcomed into the club and immediately felt part of its diverse community. They gave me the opportunity to play some of my most competitive, high-level and enjoyable rugby, alongside players and coaches from all over the world. Off the pitch, I was taken under the wing of the club’s active social contingent and (mis) led through Hong Kong’s notorious nightlife. My most memorable nights on exchange were spent with UFRC. Joining URFC meant I got a far more authentic experience than the average exchange student. The club made Hong Kong feel like my home and provided me with a lifelong family that I can always return to. ”

– Harry Barter
Second Row, University Wizard 2017-18


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